Beat Boredom During Travels

There’s nothing more fun than loading up the car and heading out on the open road. But if you’re traveling with some littles in tow, you’re sure to experience some lulls in their travel enthusiasm. You’ll probably even hear a whine or two. To cut back on the complaining and focus on the fun, here are 12 awesome ways to take control of the highway and your child’s imagination.

Plan for Pitstops

Before you set out on your adventure, it’s wise to have a travel plan in place. If you’re hitting a few states along the way, make sure you account for the time your children will need to go to the bathroom. A few 20-minute stops can really add up quickly. When you do get out of the car, make it for a good reason and visit every tourist destination along the way. There are always fun things to see like the biggest ball of yarn or a super fun dinosaur park. Make it educational by stopping at old battlefields, farms or ghost towns along the way.

Snack Wisely

There’s no quicker way to summon up a backseat revolt, then to forget to pack a ton of road trip snacks. Plus, packing yourself can save you quite a few dollars. (Even though you may want to save a few bucks for a fun gas station all you can eat!) But as you pack, keep in mind that sugar does put a few ants in your child’s pants. Try to limit the time in the car you’ll spend with a sugared-up kiddo and pack healthy, easy-to-eat options like, carrots or veggie chips. Think of using reusable mugs so you can fill up at tourist destinations or before switching hotels. Having fun snacks available will make everyone stay full and happy.

Bring the Comforts of Home

Kids just want to be comfy! Especially if you’re heading out early in the morning or late at night. Your kiddos will sleep a lot better if they have the amenities of home right at their fingertips. Pack a pillow or travel pillow for them to rest their little head. Also, bring a blanket as the air in the car can feel quite brisk. If you’re child has a favorite play toy, first try to talk them out of bringing it! (I mean, there’s no denying that dropping Mr. Snuggles down the hotel toilet is a bad idea!) Maybe they’ll decide to bring another toy just for fun.

Supply Travel Toys

There aren’t many hotels that supply your family with toys for the road and you don’t want to be opening your wallet at every turn. Instead, pack a container full of car-friendly, mom approved games that way anytime they are bored, you can whip out a new game to play in the car. Electronic Battleship! Anyone?

Make a Playlist

The time has come for you’re a little music in the car. A little carpool karaoke if you will. Before you leave have everyone list about five of their favorite songs (Yes, twinkle, twinkle counts!) and then mix and match them throughout the questions so everyone can get to know each other’s likes and dislikes a bit more.

Take a Stroll

Especially for mamas with varicose veins, it’s very important that you get up and move around every few hours to make sure your blood is flowing well and that you don’t develop any blood clots from two much in the car time. Plus, walking around will give you a chance to learn about a new place. If you’re feeling brave, ask a local the best places to stop and see or a great restaurant to stop and have a bite to eat. You may just get insider information.

Use a Map – The Old-Fashioned Kind

It’s so much fun to break out a map and put away all other distractions. Have your children help you navigate the road by drawing the places you need to go with a fun highlighter. They’ll gain confidence from having learned something new and you’ll love that they’ll forever be able to find their way around should anything happen to their GPS.

Stash Some Cash

You never know when a fun cash-only attraction might catch your eye! Make sure to have some cash on hand! Plus, you never really know when you’ll have to ride through a toll road. So make sure to visit your bank ahead of time and bring plenty of quarters. The ones that didn’t get used, will be perfect for stopping at an arcade on the way home! That’s a totally awesome way to fight the boredom.

Road Games Forever

You know all about road games but for a long trip, you’ve got to come with an arsenal of awesome games in your bag. Think about playing “I-Spy” with the younger kids or seeing how many Voltzwagen Beetles you can see on the road. As children get bigger, equip them with more interesting games like mad libs or memory games.

Go with The Billboards

Have your ever saw a big, giant billboard and really wanted to follow it? Well, on this road trip, you’ll want to go ahead and do it! Pull over the next time you see a “World’s Tastiest Peach” or “Home of the Largest Pecans” sign. You just might be in for a very fun and tasty surprise!

Make A Picture Book

There are all kinds of apps and fun activities that you can do with the pictures you take and your road trip. Make a book of every interesting stop you took. (Yes, even that outhouse on Route 99!) Take a picture of several different shapes in the form of letters to form a groovy picture when you do get back home and away from the adventure. Pictures are a way to save your trip forever.

Have Electronics Time

When all else fails, have a few hours where everyone gets to have a little electronics time. Whether it be checking their phone or downloading the newest app, a little screen time will let you make sure you stay on top of things at work or home so that you can truly rest while you’re away.

Spending quality time in a car can seem like a huge feat for your family but by incorporating these simple and fun ideas, you can begin making special family memories today! Happy Trails to you!

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