Christmas Vacation Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! School is finally out and there’s so much family togetherness to be had! But sometimes with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can be hard to take the focus away from material things and put it back on the one thing that matters: being together! Here are seven amazing ideas to try during this year’s Christmas Vacation. From winter travels to fabulous staycation ideas, your family is sure to remember all the magic of this year’s Christmas celebrations.

Go Away Together

Taking time to actually vacation with your family during Christmas Vacation time is a great idea. You’ll make memories that last a lifetime and get to experience a whole array of different traditions. If you’re from a place that doesn’t see any snow all year round, think about heading to the mountains for a white Christmas. There’s nothing like listening to Christmas Carols while you’re snowed in a mountain cabin. If you’re from the mountains and sick of the white stuff, think about vacationing in New Orleans, Mexico or Hawaii. Your kids will come home talking about the bayou’s Papa Noel or start singing “Mele Kalikimaka” the whole trip back from the islands. Getting away together is a great way to make a Christmas memory. Some of the best places to visit during the winter months are New York City; Asheville, North Carolina; Williamsburg, Virginia and Orlando, Florida. Each of these fun cities takes Christmas and family time very seriously.

Everything’s Better with Friends

Since you’ll have a few weeks free during the Christmas season, it’s important for your kids to get that time to play with their peers. Get together to play in the snow. No snow? No problem! Invite everyone over for a gingerbread making party. Everyone can bring some candies to share. Other great friend ideas include Christmas Card Making or Gift Wrapping parties that let the kids play a role too. Host a kid’s Secret Santa party where everyone brings a book to share or gather together to watch a holiday movie marathon complete with a winter pillow fort and tons of popcorn and hot cocoa.

Have A Hometown Holiday

The odds are that no matter where you’re from, your little town will host a big Christmas bash! Check your local websites, newspapers or magazines for a list of fun activities that celebrate the season right in your hometown. Usual activities include open-air ice skating rinks, visits with Santa, Christmas Tree lightings, books readings, ballets, theatre performances, pageants and candlelight services. Getting out in your town during Christmas helps you see your town in a whole new magical way. It helps you feel connected to something and allows you to meet with old and new friends.

See the Lights

What would be Christmas Vacation without a parade of Christmas Lights? One of the most fun things to do at Christmas time is to get in your car and drive around your neighborhood and other neighborhoods to look for Christmas lights. If you have more than one child, make it game by seeing who can spot the lights first. Whoever does get the point. Many places have set up huge Christmas Light displays for you to walk or drive through. They are usually gorgeous and contain special characters like Santa, his reindeer, nutcrackers and elves.

Get Christmas Crafty

When you hear the word “Christmas,” do crafts instantly come to mind? Whether you’re making homemade Christmas cards or crafting a snow globe from scratch, there’s something purely magical about sitting around and catching up with your cousins while you glue and glitter and grin. Crafts help to bring out the inner child within and remind us to slow down and enjoy the people and moments around us. From making your own chalkboard to crafting magnets from bottle caps, there’s no shortage of awesome crafts out there that just might turn into the best Christmas presents you’ve ever given.

Create a Winter Wonderland Staycation

Who needs to go to the North Pole? Stick with one fun winter idea and then go crazy for it. Decorate the whole house with snowmen or jingle bells. From the kitchen to the bathroom, adorn everything with decorations that usher in the new year. Let your children be a part of everything from wrapping the tree with lights to crafting some beautiful popcorn garland. Years from now, it’s these moments that they’ll remember most, not what’s under the tree.

Have A Tech-y Christmas

Go tech crazy this Christmas. Download fun games and apps that help usher in the holiday season! There are even fun games like “Home Alone” and games that let you play Santa. Let your kiddos help you order gifts online for everyone or have a tech-item only gift exchange. Think about crafting an e-card for this year’s card giving and record everything on your smartphone or better yet – your smartwatch! Your kids will love letting you come into their world for Christmas and you may just get that robovac you’ve been dreaming of.

When it comes to the joy of Christmas Vacation, there are so many activities to warm the soul and feel the heart with happiness. As long as you embrace the magic of this time for your little ones and seek to make them feel special, their Christmas vacation will be one that they truly remember for years to come. Merry Christmas and Happy Christmas Vacation to all!

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