Family Activities on Christmas Day

December 25th is a magical day for kids and parents alike. There will be plenty of eating, gift-exchanging, and general merry-making, but what will your family do after all the presents have been unwrapped and the most exciting part of the day has passed? Everyone wants to make the most of every precious moment of what many would consider the best day of the year, but it can often be challenging to think of activities that the whole family will enjoy. Below you’ll find a few ideas for making the holiday special both in the moment and in the memories of each of your family members.

Family Activities on Christmas Day family blog 2Cook Up Some Fun

Any other time of the year, inviting kids into the kitchen to help with cooking or baking can be a hassle. Our normal schedules can be so busy that we’re more inclined to just do it all ourselves for the sake of time than to let little ones loose in the kitchen. On Christmas Day, though, you’ll have more time to relish in the Christmas cooking experience with your little ones. There are many fun Christmas recipes that young children are sure to enjoy making, including creative recipes such as snow man pizza and reindeer cinnamon buns. Of course, after the cooking is complete, you get to enjoy a tasty treat together. You could even spread some Christmas cheer by sharing your creation with neighbors and friends! It is important and it brings so much fun to share hapiness with people around!

Break in the New Games

Most little ones receive at least one new board game from Santa each year, so why not take this opportunity to try out these new games together? Throughout the year, children are always begging their parents to take a break from the hustle and bustle of being an adult to relax and enjoy some simple, child-like fun. On Christmas Day, you’ll have no excuse not to join in, and you’ll probably find yourself enjoying the experience too! Bored with traditional games? You can always customize your own by creating a Christmas Bingo, planning a holiday scavenger hunt, or playing Pin-the-Tail on the Reindeer. Outdoor games may also be an option depending upon the winter weather in your area. Little ones can entertain themselves with digital games and apps as well. At Bimi Boo, we guarantee your child will find our apps fun and engaging, and you can rest assured that they’re educational too!

Read Christmas BooksFamily Activities on Christmas Day family blog 3

Many families use their free time on Christmas Day to curl up on the couch with some popcorn and a good Christmas movie, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that! If you’re looking for something a bit different to do this year, however, consider a little Christmas reading. This activity is likely to be just as enjoyable and relaxing as a movie marathon (for both you and your child!), but bonus—it’s also educational! (They can help to improve child’s imagination or cognitive skills, it is up to you to decide which type of content to be prefered.) If your child knows how to read, be sure to let him or her participate by reading Christmas books to you as well. Not sure which titles to choose? Consider magical, read-aloud books for kids this holiday. Of course, you can also make up your own seasonal stories to tell.

Go Caroling

Caroling has been around for ages. In fact, the first known carol was written way back in 1410! This beloved tradition has managed to stick around, despite the ability to play hundreds of Christmas songs on demand from a variety of modern devices. Perhaps this is because nothing can replace the joy of opening up one’s door to be greeted with a surprise chorus. Why not bring some Christmas merriment to your neighbors this Christmas day with a little caroling of your own? Not only will it spread some Christmas merriment throughout your neighborhood, but it will also create a holiday memory your little one won’t soon forget.

Begin Making New Year’s Resolutions

December 25th is not only Christmas; it’s also near the end of the last month of the year. What better time to begin thinking about the new year? Depending on your child’s age and experiences, you may need to introduce him or her to the idea of resolutions. When doing so, be sure to keep the discussion light and positive. Explain that resolutions are promises to do something great during the new year such as trying a new sport, practicing acts of kindness, or learning more about a topic of interest, for example. This is a great way to transition your little one from the anticipation of Christmas to the excitement of the new year. Family Activities on Christmas Day family blog 4 No matter how you decide to spend Christmas Day with your child, remember to savor the moment, and don’t stress about filling the day with the perfect activities. After all, all your little one really wants for Christmas is to spend time with you—and ok, maybe a few presents too! Before you know it, the holidays will be a thing of the past, and we’ll all be back to business as usual until the season rolls around again next year.

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