Ghoulish Grins: 7 Tips To Get The Perfect Halloween Photo

There’s no better time to be behind the camera lens than on Halloween. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of a cute little goblin, a wicked witch or a cuddly little lion. But taking pictures of your children in the midst of a trick-or-treating frenzy can be tricky and somewhat difficult. Luckily, with these seven steps, you’ll be snapping pictures of your tiny little ladybugs and lobsters for many holidays to come. Here’s how to get the perfect snapshot for your family album.

Tip 1: Costume Wisely

The first step to having awesome photos is to choose a costume that’s just as cute off camera as it is on. Think about bright colored or out of the box costumes that make a statement. Anything that is memorable or catches the eye is a great place to start! Our favorites: Macaroni & Cheese, an Octopus and a Bag of Jelly Beans. Then, make sure to capture the best parts of the costume, even if that means turning a hat around or embellishing the details.

Tip 2: Embrace Fall

One of the best things you have going for you is the backdrop of a fall evening. The dim lighting of Autumn helps make your pictures look crisp and inviting. Use leaves, spooky trees and old houses in your photos to create an eerie feel. Try to avoid catching cars or trash cans in the photo as these will distract from the overall feel of the photo. Make sure you also shoot during the time known as Twilight to get the best shot. For evening shots, such as those with a jack-o-lantern, lighting is key. You’ll either want to shoot your pumpkin when it’s very dark to get the glow of the candles or add in a top light to help illuminate the entire jack-o-lantern.

Tip 3: Know the Rules

There’s no denying that the better your camera is, the easier it will be to get a good shot. However, there are still some techniques you can use to make sure you get the best photo possible. The first is known as “the rule of thirds” and it means you align the subject of your photo with guidelines of three columns with intersecting points forming nine boxes. You want to put the horizon in the top or bottom of the photo and place the subject in one of the three sections, this gives you a more balanced and interesting photo.

Tip 4: Branch Out

No one wants a half-lit picture of their neighbor bending over placing candy in your child’s bucket ten feet away. Instead of getting the generic pictures that are the same from year to year, there’s something you can do to get better photos right away. The key: stand back and think about the bigger picture. What shots could you get to make the moment more memorable? A great way to capture the bigger picture is by focusing on the smaller one. Think about the details that make up the picture. Can you get a good picture of certain details like food on a table, decorations, the trick-or-treat basket, children walking or an intricate detail in a costume? Getting these shots can be an artistic way to keep a great memory and stay with an overall Halloween theme.

Tip 5: Stay Close

Sometimes the best photos are the ones of your child’s expression just pretending to be the character she’s dressed up to be. Having them pose with an expression of their character can be a cute photo moment. Just make sure that you can see all of your little ones’ face during the shot. Getting in close can help you really feel the emotion of the day. If your little one has a mask, make sure you take a picture with and without the mask so you’ll be able to identify which child is which later on down the road.

Tip 6: Follow Your Lens 

Even if you have the best camera in town, it won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use it. Spend time learning and understanding your camera so you’ll know how to disable your flash, change out the lens or switch shutter speeds on the big night. Before the big Halloween event, practice taking solo and group pictures so you’ll be ready for the main event.

Tip 7: Have Frights and Fun!

The most important thing to remember is that if you and your child are having fun, it’s going to radiate through the picture, giving you an image that will last a lifetime. And don’t get so caught up in getting the perfect photo that you miss the opportunity to have fun with your kiddo.

After all, a picture is just a snapshot of a much bigger experience. Here’s hoping you get that perfect shot without accidentally catching any real ghouls or goblins in your photos. Happy Halloween!

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