Happy Mother Guide

A guide to child care

Finding fun activities and things that bring happiness is pretty hard and not convenient for most moms.

Moms tend to put everyone as a priority rather than themselves.

Their focus is usually on what brings their little ones’ joy, their daily work, or what their partner enjoys.

However, amid all the stress and chaos found in motherhood, it is still considered one of the most rewarding journeys.

Steps on Achieving Happiness in Motherhood

As a mother, the most important job you have is to show your kids how to live a happy and satisfying life. 

There is little inspiration for mums to model the happiness they want their little ones to emulate.

Nothing is more powerful than finding ways to enjoy yourself when parenting feels exhausting.

Unfortunately, mothers are socialized to put everyone first before their needs which is not advisable.

It is not that you do not want to do things that make you happy. Instead, most times, it is more of how to fit it into your busy lives and parenting.

Here are steps to ensuring that your overall happiness as a mother is achieved.

1. Value Your Input

The first step is to value your hard work and understand its importance to your child’s growth.

Mothering a child is a big deal, and most parents fear that they are either not good enough or ineffective parents.

Unknown to several new mothers, there is no perfect parent to celebrate any milestone achieved.

2. Actively Look for Ways to De-Stress

Stress is significant in parenting and can take a toll on the entire family.

Do not be too harsh on yourself when you feel tired and admit when you need a break.

Mothers may not realize how much their happiness is tied to something as simple as relaxation. 

Hence, every day, and not only on special holidays, carve out time to de-stress and do something relaxing.

3. Be Appreciative

Appreciation and feelings of thankfulness are the perfect mood lifter. 

It is common to get lost in your children’s routine and life to forget to acknowledge minute growth and improvement.

Find a mindful moment even if it is five minutes and appreciate where your family is, acknowledge what you have, and the gift of friendship.

These little things are calming and are one of the easiest ways to reset and bring joy to your day.

4. Share Your Passion with Your Children

Somewhere between the meal prep and school runs, many mothers have abandoned their passions.

It is so easy standing on the sidelines and taking care of your kids that you have forgotten the joy from your hobbies and passions.

Think of ways to share the activities and games you love with your kids, and you will most likely find yourself laughing and smiling.

Do you love to draw and paint? Break out your tools and have a fun time making art with your kids.

Do not wait for your kids to grow up before you enjoy yourself. The sooner you choose to include your kids in your activities, the quicker you become happy.

5. Pampering

Leave the kids with a babysitter while you give yourself a special treat.

Once in a while, do something you have always planned but halted due to the kids.

A pedicure, spa day, or scheduling a facial and massage is a perfect way to pamper yourself, which in turn will make you happy.

Make a plan to laugh and catch up on your favorite shows or purchase a comedy show ticket.

You deserve happiness, so do not let mom guilt withhold you from having the time of your life.

6. Avoid Comparison

Comparison is a thief of many mother’s joy, and social media is not really of great help.

Remember that what you see online or offline is merely a snapshot of a moment of their lives.

So, do not use their lives as a yardstick or measuring tool of your parenting.

Instead, reach out to your girlfriends for support and a shoulder to lean on when you feel burn out. 

Friends are one of the quickest ways to getting your happiness, so do not put them on the back burner when you have kids.

 The guide to happiness for every mother

Signs You Have Mom Burn Out

There are moments when you feel stressed and sometimes irritated, but you are unaware of how serious it is, except others point it out.

Being an unhappy mom is not detrimental for you; it is also bad for your family and loved ones around you. 

Here are two signs that you need to relax and throw yourself into activities that bring you genuine happiness.

1. Regularly Snap at Your Family

Have you been in an irritable and angry mood lately? 

Maybe you have yelled at your toddler and later realized that there was a better way to convey your emotions.

Or, has your partner pointed out that you have been moody and snappy more frequently?

If yes, you very well need to relax as you are tired and utterly burnt out.

2. Constantly Uninterested 

Does it feel like your go-to answer when asked how you are feeling is “tired”?

Or do you dread leaving the bed at daybreak and frequently wake up in the morning still feeling uninterested?

You are certainly burnt out and need to participate in things that make you happy.


The number one barrier to the happiness of most mums is them not prioritizing their self-care. 

Think of what activities you love to do and ensure you take some time to do them daily.

Mommy burn-out is not a fun feeling, so strategize and make a plan to pamper yourself.

Surprisingly, your happiness will have a ripple effect on your family and kids. 

Hence, make it a priority to find your joy and participate in activities you enjoy, just as everyone else.

Finally, in your motherhood journey, do not bite off more than you can chew. 

Always utilize the help of your family and loved ones so you can have free time to focus on things you enjoy.

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