How Nice Apps Are Developed

With the help of this article we are going to tell how we develop our educational games for children. As example we chose our app named “Bimi Boo Tunes”. In order to make it easier to catch the whole process, information will arranged into steps.

STEP 1: It all starts with the search of idea and inspiration. What do we do at this stage? We take tea, coffee, cookies, good mood and start the so-called “creativity process”. For this event we have a formal name – “kick off meeting”, however, as it can be seen the atmosphere is rather informal.

STEP 2: Okay, we decided that the game will be musical, what’s next? Game designer creates a scenario with his vision of the future game. In this particular case (“Bimi Boo Tunes”) the designer proposed piano and some mini games with popular melodies as additional interactive content. Also, he proposed set of melodies and sounds which could be interesting and educative for children. Here come the question – How can he know what is good for children? The answer is – he does not know, this is just a proposal because later on we consult with experts in the field of children development who helped us to define the exact content suitable for our audience.

STEP 3: When experts made corrections in the scenario which was approved by the team as well, the designer starts to draw sketches. They are needed to make the idea of future game more clear. Once sketches are ready they are approved by the team.

STEP 4: When graphical part is ready, programmers begin their work and make correction into the visual part if necessary. At the same time sound designer creates soundtracks and sounds for the app.

STEP 5: In order to make high quality product the whole team tests the app and propose corrections for different parts.

STEP 6: If everyone in the team is happy with the product we start another stage called “Alfa testing”. In other words, the whole office starts to play the new coming game and share impressions.

STEP 7: Here comes the most fascinating stage because we interact with our main customers – kids. The test is held in the group of 2 – 5 years old children. During the test we gather as much data as we can. For example, is the app understandable? Isn’t it too difficult for them? Do they like it?

STEP 8: And in the end we publish our app on the Store where you can download it and leave your comment whether you like it or not, so we could make our apps even better.

As they say «All the best for children”, therefore developing of educational games for kids is very interesting, cheerful and responsible process as our apps are used by the youngest customers.

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