How to improve child’s imagination

Today we are going to discuss methods to improve child imagination. This is a very important skill that plays great role in the life of a person. Developed imagination, ability to think outside the box and to generate new ideas let humankind to continuously develop.

So, what is imagination? Following quotation from Wikipedia, it is “the ability to form new images and sensations in the mind that are not perceived through senses such as sight, hearing, or other senses. Imagination helps make knowledge applicable in solving problems and is fundamental to integrating experience and the learning process”. In real life it means that it is easier to communicate with other people, realize himself creatively for a person with developed imagination. Unfortunately, it is not a natural ability, it has to be developed and improved. The best time to start is early childhood. So, what exactly can be done?

  • Children adore fairytales, parents adore fairytales. Therefore, fairytales are big stage in child development. They contain educational element and help to explain such terms as what is “good” and “bad”. Also, they stimulate child’s imagination. Try to stop reading fairytale at any moment and ask your kid to continue narration. It will be just a few sentences but after some time it can become even big, nice stories.
  • Notice things around you. You can meet people, animal or just plants during walking. Ask your child to create a story about these objects. In other words, if you see something interesting try to ask several questions about this object. For example, if it is a person: What is his/her name? Where is he/she going? What does he/she do every day?
  • Role plays. For example, “Play House” when children pretend themselves as adults. There a lot of games to play, just choose the one your children and you like. The main benefit here is that they all develop imagination.
  • Creative activities. Any activities where a child can use his or her fantasy. It can be drawing, coloring or modelling. Let’s pretend that you have arrived home from walking with your baby and during the walk you saw a new tree or a beautiful bird. So, it can be nice idea to ask your child to draw it.

Following the above-mentioned tips you can easily help your child to improve imagination. These pieces of advice are suitable for both boys and girls. Enjoy your education.

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