Kids & Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is arguably the best time of the year. Kids get a little break from school, and the whole family can gather around the table to eat good food and count your blessings! What do you do when the feast is over though? Many families have certain traditions they hold dear to their hearts, but sometimes, it’s fun to shake things up a bit too! Here are some ideas for how to keep the whole crew busy and happy all holiday weekend long.

Visit Your Local Mall

Malls are crowded this time of year, but for good reason—there’s so many new things to do during the holidays! Santa is there to take pictures and receive wish lists from the kids, and many malls have holiday trains that kids can ride around the entire mall. Malls in big cities often host more elaborate holiday events such as concerts and festivals over Thanksgiving weekend as well. If you’re visiting Santa, be sure to call ahead. Some malls will allow you to make an appointment, which means you won’t have to brave those long lines!

See the Lights!

Everyone begins putting up their holiday lights around Thanksgiving, and seeing these colorful displays is always fun for the kids! Whether you just drive them around the neighborhood or visit a park or drive-thru lights display, the kids will be warm and content in the car while soaking in the holiday cheer. To make the experience even better, be sure to crank up some Christmas music to set the mood!

Take a Hike

Changing autumn leaves make fall one of the prettiest seasons there is. Use this time off from your normal schedule to take a fall hike with the family and breathe in the fresh air. Don’t miss the opportunity to do some amateur photography of your beautiful natural surroundings—and of course, the kiddos) while you’re at it. Before starting out, be sure to check the trail’s difficulty level to make sure the kids (and mom and dad!) can handle it!


There’s no better time than around the Thanksgiving holidays to find a way to give back by volunteering in your local community. By helping others in need, you’re showing your children the importance of being generous with your time and energy in order to make a difference. Not sure where to start? Visit Volunteer Match to find a volunteer opportunity near you. Kids often find the experience not only rewarding, but fun as well!

Have a Game Day

Thanksgiving weekend gives us a much-needed break from our busy schedules and allows us to spend some time doing things we normally wouldn’t have time for just for the fun of it. Don’t miss the chance to break out the board games this holiday weekend. Try the classics like Pictionary or Monopoly, or be adventurous and try something brand new. Younger kids may also enjoy a whimsical game of “Pin the Tail on the Turkey”!

Decorate for the Holidays

For many families, putting up the Christmas tree over the Thanksgiving holiday is a cherished tradition, and all kids love to help with the decorating. Why not take it one step further this year by making your own decorations. Break out the glue gun and glitter and spend some relaxing time crafting with the kids. Whatever kind of ornaments you decide to make, be sure you mark them with your children’s names and the date, so that you can remember the experience when you pull out the Christmas decorations this time next year!

Play Digital Toys

If you are fine with electronic devices to be used by kids. You can cooperate while playing a game or learning something fascinating from an educational app that can be downloaded within a couple of minutes. Doing things together is so much fun.

See a Movie

New release movies always come out around the Thanksgiving holidays, so if you’re hard-pressed on how to kill a couple of hours this weekend, head to your local theater for a feature presentation. Two new kids movies—Moana and Trolls—are playing now. Don’t forget the popcorn! Kids & Thanksgiving Weekend family blog 3 There are so many options when it comes to keeping your kids busy and happy this Thanksgiving weekend. After the turkey is carved, start planning a fun-filled holiday that the whole family is sure to enjoy. Remember, these are the memories that will last a lifetime—for both you and your little ones!

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