Parenting Tips for Raising Twins and Multiples

Everyone knows mothers, especially those with multiple babies, are super humans; with their swings and grocery bags clutched in each hand and the smiles they still bless us with. 

“Your little ones have to wear clothes that are similar but a little different, for your benefit.” Mrs. Paula, a seasoned mother, says. Giving birth to your precious babies while having a two-year-old is about as easy as wearing a superman costume upside down. 

She advises young mothers to give their babies a sense of identity; like giving each a unique color – blue, pink, and green are favorites. This is because they are as different in personality like black and white.  

If you find yourself on this journey, you don’t need to be alarmed. Thousands of awesome mothers have gone through this and have overcome; especially the sleepless nights, double or triple stress, cries, and the shrieking’s of their babies. That’s why we’re here! We understand that these experiences can drive you to the extreme, every time.

We have loads of important tips to help you in raising your lovely babies. These tips are tried and trusted; and are, of course, lifesavers.

Parenting tips for raising twins and multiples

How battle-ready are you?

You are now a certified superhero! You have to deal with more diapers, breastfeeding, or bottle-feeding; whichever works best.

Raising twins, triplets, or multiples will cost you money, time, sleep, and everything. A father advises that paper bags cannot be overemphasized, especially in public. With your little ones eating and pooing regularly, you need all the help you can get. Get toys, cribs, a stroller, and diapers in their hundreds. For toys, I recommend wooden ones. 

For emergencies, stock up on as many diapers as you can, in your car, your room, the closet, and wherever seems easy to quickly grab one.

Reading some more is a great way to begin your journey to the most amazing and demanding job in the universe. So, congratulations! You just started your very first step!

Schedules and Timetables

These are very helpful. A lot of parents have testified to the marvelous works of a daily or weekly plan. It keeps you focused and confident. 

Babies want a semblance of order. They feel safer and hence, will be less bothersome. A wise veteran mother recommends this recipe in getting the little rest you deserve: “When one wakes, the rest should follow.” Let them feed, bathe, and yes! poo together, on your terms. You could feed them every three hours (did I forget to mention they have healthy appetites) and let them have morning and afternoon naps at the same time. 

With twins or multiples, you have to get them eating and sleeping at the same time, or else you are going to be up 24 hours a day.  

Follow your own rules, and you might just be battle-ready.

Get Help

A twin mother once pressured her mum to stay for four months. She certainly did very well in weaning her babies. Don’t be ashamed to ask for assistance. You need to understand that you are doing what most people are frightened of. This makes you brave. 

So, asking for help from your partner or from family and friends does not undermine your superhuman capabilities. A passerby could help you with an errand or two; there’s nothing to it. 

Make it a point of duty to ask and maybe demand help. Remember the dishes and laundry have to be done, and the kids are screaming for lunch every day. There’s only so much you can do.  

Celebrate Their Individuality and Special Personalities

Even identical twins that are proven to have a stronger bond with each other than towards their parents are different. Sure, they love the same music, color, or cartoon and talk the same or giggle the same way every time you’ peekaboo’; these are not determinants to prove the sameness of your babies’ personalities. 

Although they look the same, they act differently and are sure going through different stages differently.

Cindy could be loud and playful and loves to laugh, whilst Sarah is quiet and withdrawn except, of course, with her twin. After the first month, you might detect that they react to things differently. You must treat them as persons, not units. Avoid general names for them like “twinnie” or “the twins”. Call them by their respective names and please, don’t get them confused. 


Don’t Compare

Seriously, don’t; in actions, words, or thoughts. Don’t compare your little ones; else you would be creating a strained relationship between them. Don’t mention things like “Cindy is smarter” or “Sarah is the athlete.” A little competition between or amongst them can’t be avoided but don’t overdo it.

Join Clubs and Communities for Multiple Babies

There are several groups and communities close to you or online that share survivor tips and badly needed encouragement to keep you pushing forward. They are a great way to make new friends and even meet parents like yourself going through this process. It reduces the loneliness one tends to feel with all the stress of the day.

Take a Break

Every parent needs some “me time” from their babies. It’s even more important. It’s okay to take a nap, watch a romantic comedy show, or go for a walk. You are not selfish; you’re trying to help yourself so you can help your babies. 

When granny comes to save you from the noise (I admit, sometimes we need saving) or your spouse is back home from work, and your babies are settled in for a long afternoon nap, go out and take that much-needed breath of fresh air!

The last thing your babies need is an irritable, easily annoyed, impatient, and tired mother caring for them. Trust me, they will notice. Don’t sweat it; this crazy period won’t last forever. So, try as much as possible to enjoy every minute because they won’t stay young forever.


While raising multiples may sometimes make you feel as if you’re at the center of a three-ring circus, this too will pass as you will adjust to them with each passing day. Although there is double the work, there are also double the love, hugs, and kisses. So, cheers!

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