Spring is Here! 8 Fun Games You Can Play in Your Backyard

Fun Games Your Kids Can Play in Your Backyard

There is just something remarkable about the spring season.

Maybe it is the warmth of the weather during this period making it perfect for children to have fun outdoors.

During this season, people partake in various outdoor activities, whether it’s a picnic, going for a run, or taking a hike.

But this spring, consider having fun right in your backyard and also involve your whole family.

If you have a backyard space big enough for various activities, opt for kids’ games that require some spreading out. 

Fun Games to Play in Your Backyard during Spring

Spring season brings with it various outdoor activities little kids can enjoy.

Luckily, the majority of your child’s outdoor games can happen right at home in your backyard.

Here are eight fun game ideas that are sure to pique children’s interest and inspire exploration and discovery in them. 

1. Backyard Scavenger Hunt

For this game, your backyard needs clear boundaries to ensure that your child does not wander off.

You can create an interactive scavenger hunt search list to teach your little ones about the spring season.

Examples of items to include on the list are springtime sights such as sticks, a green leaf, a woodpecker, trees, etc. 

If your child crosses off of the items on your list, reward with a prize.

2. Red Rover

Do you have a host of kids to entertain during the spring season? Consider Red Rover as the perfect backyard party game for them! 

Split the participants into two teams and space each team at least 20 feet apart.

To play, each team member must hold hands in a line while facing the opposing team. 

A participant from the first team shouts, “Red Rover, Red Rover, let (child’s name from Second Team) come over!” 

The designated player runs towards the first team and tries to break through the chain of holding hands.

If the player succeeds in breaking the barrier, he recruits a player from the first team to the second team.

If not, the designated player proceeds to join the opposing team. The game ends when one man is left standing in any team.

Tug of War for Kids


3. Tug of War

All you require for this game is a rope and some participants. Divide everyone into teams and mark the center of the rope. 

Before the game begins, indicate the point on both sides of the rope that the players should not pass.  

All players should get ready and start pulling. 

When a team succeeds at pulling the majority of the rope towards their side, they are declared the winner.

4. Side Walk ABC Art

The game is excellent if your backyard has an available concrete sidewalk. 

Draw a chain of 26 squares on the concrete ground and label each square with the alphabet letter. 

Bring your little ones out and give them sidewalk chalk to draw images that start with the letter in any given square. 

You will be surprised at how creative little kids are when given free will.

5. Vocabulary Word Game

With this game, you will help develop children’s vocabulary and teach them a few new words.

Write high-frequency words on pieces of paper and place them in a cup or container.

Have your kids dance in a circle while passing the cup round. The objective is to dance while passing the cup till the music stops.

When the music stops, the child holding the cup reads the word out loud and gives its’ meaning.

Hence, every few minutes, halt the music and introduce a new cup and a new word.

When a player either doesn’t know the word’s meaning or cannot read it aloud, they must sit down. 

The last player standing is the winner of the word game.

6. Art Museum

When there is a group of children, randomly select any as the “artist,” while others are the art pieces in a gallery.

One by one, the artist takes each child by the hand and spins them for a minute before letting them go. 

However, the person lands, they must freeze like a sculpture. 

Once every player has frozen, the artist mingles among them and tries to get them to giggle or laugh without touching them. 

The first person to giggle is the next artist; the game continues until everyone turns to play an artist.

7. Blanket Run

The blanket run is a fantastic game to play in the backyard with your children. 

Group everyone in a two-person team and get some old blankets that you don’t mind getting dirty.

A team member sits on the blanket and holds it tightly, while the other member grabs one end of the blanket and runs. 

All the teams must start racing at the same time and switch roles at a selected point. 

The person running must sit on the blanket; while the second team member grabs the blanket and race back to the starting point. 

The first team to complete the race wins the game.

You can alter the rules to fit your preference, but sitting on the blanket while sliding in your backyard is a lot of fun.

8. Backyard Obstacle Course

With supplies at home, you can build a set of obstacles outdoors just the appropriate size for your children.

Jumping over or crawling through the built hurdles will help your little kids improve their motor skills and agility. 

You can also host relay races or competitions with family and friends, making fun backyard games during spring!


Many of the springtime activities and games are well suited for families’ backyard.

It is super refreshing to create long-lasting memories and even a good workout with these games without leaving your home.

Outdoor games reinforce a positive community spirit by allowing siblings and parents to bond together.

Hence, this spring, set up different backyard games (with prizes for the children) for a get-together or family reunion.

Please encourage your family to participate in as many of these fun games and activities as they can!

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