Healthy Snacks for Kids for The Halloween Party

It’s Halloween season, and it is a lot of children’s favorite time of the year because of its snacks and sugary treats.

Like most holidays, this is the perfect chance to indulge in school parties, playdates, and overall enjoyment with your little one.

However, Halloween parties are not necessarily all about candy apples, sugary treats, and candy corn.

With a bit of creativity, you can prepare fun, healthier snacks, and desserts for the Halloween party.

Ten Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas for Children

Candy is not the only treat your kids can bring to a Halloween party.

Without any healthy foods to balance the sugar, your little one may find themselves feeling a little sick at the end of the day.

The key to a healthy Halloween snack is sneaking in some fruits and vegetables while still maintaining the spooky theme.

If you want to minimize the effort in making these snacks, here are ten easy and healthy Halloween snacks for children.

1. Veggie Boy

Veggie Boy is a skeleton snack made with different vegetables.

You will require sliced cucumbers with some of the peel left on to create the skeleton spine.

To make the ribs, use pepper slices with a bowl of ranch dressing for the face, and a carrot for lips. 

Broccoli florets are an excellent option for the hair, and use any of your kid’s favorite vegetables to fit into the skeleton shape.

2. Frankenstein Foods

You can create another classic Halloween party snack from Frankenstein.

The green color of Frankenstein makes it easier to sneak in some healthy foods for your little one to consume.

To get the perfect shade of green, a homemade guacamole spread is a great alternative.

3. Jack-o-lantern Fruits and Vegetables

Although jack-o-lantern is probably the most iconic symbol of Halloween, you do not stress yourself carving a pumpkin for the party.

Using fruits and vegetables, carve your kid’s favorite fruits and veggies to look like a jack-o-lantern.

Or, decorate the fruits with paper cutouts to give them the jack-o-lantern faces.

Hollow fruits like oranges and pineapples are an obvious choice for decorating jack-o-lanterns.

You can stuff these fruits with led candles or other foods items like dips, pasta, or rice dishes as a filling.

4. Healthy Monster Foods

Children love monster-inspired snacks probably because cartoons and movie have changed their perception of them.

Healthy monsters can be made by adding “eyes” to any fruit or vegetable using toothpicks.

You can create cute monsters from apple slices, sunflower seeds, Frankfurt fingers, pretzel broomsticks, and strawberries.

5. Mummies

Mummies are another fun Halloween party snack you can easily create more healthily.

For a super-fast snack, wrap your kid’s favorite fruits in either paper or gauze.

To finish the mummy design, add googly eyes to the fruit wrap and decorate with cheese strips.

This edible mummy snack works best for food such as sandwiches and pizza.

6. Spiders and Spider webs

Haunted houses are a classic game at Halloween parties and are covered in dust and spider webs.

What better way to incorporate healthy eating than decorating spiders and spiderwebs as Halloween snacks?

You can easily create spiders from black olives, or, if you want an inedible option, use any of the party food plates with plastic spiders.

To make the spider web, you can arrange spaghetti strands strategically side-by-side.

7. Gummy Worms and Leeches

Creepy and crawling animals are popular at Halloween parties because the thought of eating leeches would make children squirm.

These gummy treats are much healthier and simple to make than commercially sold candy.

You can make your homemade Halloween gummy worms or leeches with fruits, juices, or even vegetables.

8. Veggie Candies

Forming Halloween-shaped molds with fruit and veggie juices is a great healthy inspiration for Halloween parties.

Taking advantage of the natural colors and flavors of fruits creates gummy treats for your little one to eat delicious candies.

9. Creepy Skinless Face

Another gory Halloween party snack is to make a skinless face.

The fun fact is this spooky Halloween antipasto platter is entirely sugar-free, which is very healthy for your child.

Cover a mask (or any face shape created with paper and foil) with ham to prepare this snack.

If ham is unavailable, you can experiment with whatever available meat you have on hand.

Olives work best as an eye for the creepy face, and to stick the olives onto the snack, use cream cheese.

10. Carrot Stick Fingers

For an easy and healthy Halloween party snack, cut a carrot into a finger shape or, you can opt for baby carrots.

Carrots are very nutritious as it contains vitamins, beta-carotene, and fiber.

You have to apply cream cheese at the end of the carrot and place a sliced almond on the green leafy part on top.

For an added flavor, give the children at the party a vegetable dip.

Provide kids with some veggie dip for extra flavor.

Crafty Activities for a Kids Halloween Party

Do you want the children at your Halloween party to have the most fun?

Here are five crafty activities they can engage in at your kiddies’ party.

1. Paper Spiderwebs

Creating this might look complicated, but you get to teach them basic cutting skills with your kids’ help decorating the spider webs from parchment paper.

2. Spooky Sensory Bin

With toddlers, a sensory bin is the perfect Halloween party game.

It is both an easy and less expensive way to keep them occupied for a long time.

3. Bat Puppet

With a paper plate, create a moveable bat puppet to keep your little ones entertained.

You can make the game more exciting by making the bat “fly” during the Halloween party.

4. Silly Faces Flip Book

When it comes to Halloween parties, ensure that the games are not very scary so your kids can play the game.

Create a silly face bool so your little one can have the most fun flipping through the pages to see how many of the faces they can replicate.

5. Halloween Bingo

Which child does not enjoy a game of bingo every now and then?

Adapt the classic bingo into a cute Halloween party theme for your child to play.

Plastic spiders or minute Halloween erasers can serve as the perfect markers during the game.


When it comes to Halloween party snacks, there are tons of available ideas to come up with for your kids.

It would be best if you thought out of the box.

There are various options for the utmost fun, like spooky math activities, pumpkin slime, or you can even get creative with items at home!

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